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 Is This Art? 

︎Amazed by artworks drawn by talented insects.  Appreciate the beauty of nature from a micro and humble perspective.

Keywords  natural science · non-fiction · insects  · leaf  · perforation · foldings

Is This Art is a non-fiction natural science book, presenting the various beautiful patterns that insects leave on leaves as a result of their acts of feeding or nesting. If you pay attention, in our neighborhood it's very easy to find traces that insects leave on plants : curvy doodles, circular holes, pinky double-rings, white maze… Is This Art re-introduces some common insects as  artists whose talents are overlooked by us.

This book is created as a MA project, unpublished. Seek for publishing opportunity. Please email me if you’d like to reading-out video of the whole book.

All rights reserved. No part of these pages may be used for any purpose unless explicit authorized by Thea Lu.

Leaf beetles are famous for the polka dots!

Leaf-cutter bees come from the same art genre.

On some pages,  I used perforations and foldings to trigger children’s curiousity.
Surprises folded inside the flaps enrich the fun of reading.

The miner moth’s baby can create dizzy maze without any efforts.

At the end of the book, you can check out the “biography” of every insect artists.
Scientific reasons of why and how they create such patterns listed out.

I hope my book can inspire little readers to find and to appreciat these tiny miracles just happening around us.

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© All rights reserved. Please don’t use, reproduce,modify or store in retrieval system in any form for any purpose without explicit authorization by Thea Lu.