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 Dive Dive, Dive into the Night Sea 

︎Joining the poetic diving journey, encounter hidden wonders under the cover of night.
Keywords  non-fiction ·  natural science · marine lives at night · poetic ·  fold-out

Books about marine beauty are always colorful, but this one is dark in black.

Jumping into the inky depth with a night diver, readers are invited to a poetic diving adventure, to discover the hidden wonders in the night sea: small fishes tucking away, parrotfish busily making sleeping nets, whales standing on tails, manta swooping close, ocean “stars” fluorescing, corals glowing…..  The night sea is never terrifying. It’s full of miracles waiting for us to see.

I’d like to call this book  a light-science book.  Instead of piling up explanatory text onto spreads, I arrange the science knowledge inside the fold-out structures. Therefore, at the first contact, readers can purely enjoy the lyrical texts and dreamlike scenes, and then open the flaps to find the scientific explanations.

World right acquired, unpublished yet.

All rights reserved. No part of these pages may be used for any purpose unless explicit authorized by Thea Lu.

The dummy book

small fishes tucking away during the night 

scientific explanations inside the flap

Parrotfish makes cocoons to sleep inside.

open the flap to see why parrotfish has to vomits macus cocoons

Plankton’s immigration

Whales’ wired sleeping trick

Wave goodbye to the night sea

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the artworks are mostly made in drypoint printing, digital editted.

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