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DIY handicraft pop-up book | make a coral reef ecosystem on your own
Working together with the Shanghai Natural History Museum, a craft-book was designed to invite children to create their own coral reef system.  It makes kids to experience the natural knowledge intuitively thanks to the self-explanatory  format and engaging DIY features.

Client | Shanghai Natural History Museum
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EF english textbooks design | a book for teens and for classroom scenario

In 2015, EF planed to upgrade a series of english textbooks targeting teens at 9-13 years old. Based on the thourough research about the target group’s visual maturity, a fresh new visual was designed to better serve students as well as teachers in the classroom scenario.

Client | EF 
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Schoolbag design | key visual and color scheme design for the 6-7 years old kids

The award-winning schoolbag brand, MoonRock, wants to launch an illustrated series to better meet the children’s preference.  I worked with MoonRock to redesign the holistic look&feel of two schoolbag models for primary students.

Client | MoonRock
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Schoolbag design | key visual & color scheme design for the young teens (8-10)
Following the market success of the first year’s design, MoonRock aimed to produce schoolbags for an older group. For the new schoolbag model, I designed motifs and color schemes, which targeting  8-10 years old children.

Client | MoonRock
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