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Veggie Power | Brand event for Shanghai reopen

Inspired by the stories we had with vegitables during lockdown, we designed this veggie-themed co-creation event after re-open of Shanghai. Participants were encouraged to create their own veggie character and customize T-shirts with vegitable related patterns.

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| Veggie city co-creation | 
In the store, we designed a huge veggie city landscape, which worked as a co-creation canvas.
We invited people to create vegetable characters and put their designs into the vegetable city. 

inspirations for veggie character co-creation↑

vegetable characters gradually appeared in the city↓

| T-shirt customized printing |

We also designed a series of graphics that reflect the vegetable stories from the lockdown.
People can print the graphics they like onto a T-shirts.

T-shirt printing graphics↑

Printed on your T-shirt↓

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