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Natural Science Museum Passport

To provide a more engaging visiting experience for children, the team from Shanghai Natural Science Museum incubated a plan for a visit passport. After an immersive understanding of the contents of each exhibition zone as well as the curation rationale behind it, I defined the passport's information structure: a narrative line to thread up exhibition zones, illustrations that capture the key exhibits, gamified interactions to engage children visitors. Hope the passport can act as a guide and friend for kids on visiting, as well as a lovely memory carrier after.

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Four colors in a series↑

interior spreads↓
On some pages, children can collect stamps, or create their own creatures from the stickers provided. T
here are also connecting quizzes, mazes, and comparing& finding games.
All the engagement revolves around the key scientific knowledge of the exhibits: to learn while playing.
Within the limited cost, we try our best to provide a variety of gamified challenges for little audiences.

A foldout introducing the history of the Natural Museum, design concept, and the floor navigation.↓

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