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A series of illustrations derive from my exploration of paper-cut arts.
Since the year 2019, I started to experiment on how to bring paper-cut arts into my illustrations, as a result of my rising interest in folk art, especially paper-cut patterns. I feel the geometric and symmetric nature in the folk arts has a peaceful beauty of myth.

The /Lost in Spring/ series was made in  spring 2021,  inspired by the cheerful spring in Cambridge, where I was studying at that time.


  /Lost in Spring / 2021  
Paper Cut . Drypoint Printing . Digital

Lost in Spring | The blooming tree

Lost in Spring | The magic moment

Lost in Spring | Step into the dream

Lost in Spring | Transfer

Lost in Spring | Night & Spring

Lost in Spring | Time to go home

Lost in Spring | Process Photos

The experiment process brings me so much pleasure and inspirations.

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