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My Family’s Hair

My family’s hair This is a book about hairstyle and its relation with personal expression, aiming to inspire readers a new perspective of viewing our hair: hair is more than a body part; It is also an important part of self-expression and personal identity. Furthermore, starting from the idea of hair, I hope the book could let young readers more open-minded to appreciate one's unique choice of self-representation and meanwhile encourage readers to be themselves confidently.

This book is narrated by a little girl, who lives in a family of diverse cultural backgrounds. Following her naive telling, readers get to know the stories of t her families' hairstyles. Complemented to the texts, the humorous visual images provide readers more details to explore and interpret. Initially, the book is created for the 4-7 children but I believe the ironical humour that exists in between texts and images enables the book to be appreciated by a wider cross-age audience.

This book is created as a MA course projec, .unpublished. Open to any publishing acquisition or collaboration.

concept book · culture diversity · hairstyle  · reader’s participatory 

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Bookshelf display.
It is on my own bookshelf now!

 Everyone can tell who is my grandma’s favourite from her hair.
(sadly not me)

Dad announces his goal of the year on his hair.
last year: learn football.  |   this year: protect the earth!

Aunty says her hair tells a beautiful story of where she is from.

Everyone in my family has their own way of their hair!

Grandpa is too wise to have hair....         

At the end of the book, readers are invited to talk about and think about their own hair.
What is your hairstyle wish and why?

/ process: color thumnails/

hope you enjoy it.

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