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Redesign The Visual Presentation of English Textbook 

In 2015, EF planed to upgrade a series of english textbooks for students at 9-13 years old. 9-13 is a special period when students are experiencing a transition, from kids to teens, during which their study and psychological needs develop alongside.
Emphasizing teens visual maturity level as well as english classroom context through in-deepth interview, A fresh new visual presentation was delivered to better serve our target group, the teenager students.
I felt honorable to join the visual definition team, acting as a key role in graphic development and characters design.

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/  User-centred Research Approach Lights Up The Design Direction /

Instead of jumping right into hands-on design works, we started with an in-home interview, visual preference resonance test and co-creation workshop, in order to built empathy with the books’ target users, the teenager students. The insights distilled from the research enabled us to clearly define the design direction.

/ Primary Characters Design /

Sophisticated humour and teenager-life-relevant personaliry setting were the key design focuses in characters development.



characters in use

/ Key Visuals Demostration /

Pages in a textbook act in different roles. Some are aimed to engage the students, as the unit welcome page. Whereas some are more quite and need demostrate the textbooks’ seriousness. Pages at different roles were designed.

welcome page 

academic page

/ Book Cover /
Covers were designed into a series.

/ Visual Guideline /

There are 8 books in all at EF Trailblazer which The whole series include 8 books, which definitely require a bigger designers team to fulfill them.  Thus,  a design guideline handbook was created in order to control the visual consistency.

visual guideline

hope you like it.

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