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Is This Art ?

Is This Art is a non-fiction book, presenting beautiful patterns the insects creating on leaves as a result of their act of feeding or nesting.  The Insects’ artwork images are threaded up through a poetic narrative, inspiring young readers to view the little insects as talented artists in the  nature gallery.  The book aims to translate the natural science knowledge to children in a subtle-fun way.

This book is created as a course project, of my MA, Children’s book illustration.
Unpublished and open to publishing collaboration.

natural science · non-fiction · nature as art  · insects  · leaf  · peek-through

All rights researved. No part of these pages may be used for any purpose unless explicit authorization by Thea Lu.

In some pages, a peek-through and fold-out design is introduced to trigger children’s curiousity to explore.

| fold out | open to see their amazing artworks!

/ peek through /     say hello to leaf beatle and cutter bees! 

the miner moth larvea designs a maze on the leaf.

At the end of the book, all “insect artists” are introduced.
Readers can further learn the natural science facts behind beautiful artworks.
Why leaf beetles love to create polka dots on big leaves, or
why miner moth can leave attractive curly trails on elms leaves.
I hope my book could inspire people to appreciate the tiny miracles happening in the nature.

hope you enjoy it.

  © All rights reserved. Please don’t use, reproduce,modify or store in retrieval system in any form for any purpose without explicit authorization by Thea Lu.