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Craft Book | My Coral Reef

To extend the interaction with the young visitors beyond the museum space, the Shanghai Natural Museum commisioned me to design a set of learning mateirals for children based on the nature ecosystem exhibited in the museum.
Through closed collaboration with the museum team, a coral reef craft book was launched as the first episode of this series, which invites children to learn the coral reef knowledge while experience the hand-on creation enjoyment.

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I  believe “making and doing”  always an effective and intriguing way of learning. And It is even more ideal when the “making” process can suggest the knowledge intuitively. Thus, at the project kick-off meeting, I proposed two design principles to guide the concept developments:


Among all the format choices, the accordion structure was adopted which reflects the layering characteristic of coral reef appropriately, For the small-sized marine lives, the coral reef works as the shelter keeping predators outside.



This craft book invites kids to create sea anemones and assemble the corals then plant them onto the reef.  

Besides, children can follow the coral reef story (packaged as a story brochure) to arrange the marine lives at their proper place. For example, the clown fish lives in the anemones.

The coral reef DIY book facilitates the understanding the knowledge naturally, while brings kids the sense of achievement on “making”.

hope you enjoy it.

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